We are creating 7 Automated Client-Generating Websites for just $199, valued at a minimum of $10,000 for your business.

We help business owners like you nail the website that will clarify your message, generate more clients and amplify your profits.

Your clients are looking for you.

Is your website ready for them?

If not… Here’s what holds most service business websites back:

No plan for the 96% of your site visitors who are just beginning to research their options. They come, they go, they never return.

A confusing, passive (or even non-existent!) website call to action, resulting in complete and total inaction. It captures very few leads and even fewer clients.

Too many pages and confusing sections that have nothing to do with what your clients are actually looking for.

Vague, passive or confusing website wording that just doesn’t connect with your would-be clients.

Outdated design, mismatched colors, and low quality images that actually make your visitors trust you less as a business.

What Is an Automated Client-Generating Website?

These websites combine marketing and sales funnels, website automation, lead magnets, and list building strategies.

They’re designed to turn leads into paying customers through irresistible offers.

An Automated Client-Generating Website includes:

Lead Magnet that captures leads.

Automations on the website for customer acquisition.

High Conversion Potential

With dynamic features such as appointment scheduling, and tailored recommendations, our websites significantly boost conversion rates.

Database of potential clients (email database).

Interactive Tools

Interactive tools, such as calculators, quizzes, or product configurators, which not only engage visitors but also collect valuable data.

What You Get:

Website easily worth at least $10K to your business — proven to automatically attract and convert 2-3x more of today’s casual visitors into tomorrow’s paying clients — every day, on autopilot.

Customized automated client-generating website

Well-planned content structure and guidance in this area.

Assistance with Hosting and Domain Selection and Configuration.

Up to 6 subpages

Together, we create the Lead Magnet.

We build the Marketing Funnel structure, and we create/refine content together.

Our Goal:

Conversion-Focused Website To Increase Leads & Sales 

Getting traffic to your website is worthless unless it converts, and that’s where Lion Website Profit comes in.

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